How’d you do?

They’re all false.

But there’s  just enough merit to feed each myth and keep it alive. It’s true – L.A.’s downtown is relatively small, a car is mighty handy if you plan to travel all over the county, some distances can’t be covered on foot, L.A.’s history is often ignored and its rail transit system is nowhere near as extensive as its network of freeways.

But exploring Los Angeles by rail and by foot isn’t just possible; we’ll show you that it’s easier, faster and less expensive than driving all over town by car. Plus, you’ll see more and have way more fun than sitting somewhere stuck in traffic.

Our two primary objectives are:

  1. Showcase the history, architecture and attractions of Los Angeles
  2. Showcase the city’s budding rail transit system


To achieve those two objectives, WalknRideLA combines them. Each tour begins and ends at a rail station – most often the same station, making your itinerary loop easy to follow and easy to navigate.

Just like Los Angeles – and L.A.’s rail system – WalknRideLA is a work in progress. The Long Beach tour is under construction as are the Chinatown and L.A. Arts District/Little Tokyo tours; maps are being added and a section entitled “Where to Eat” is also in the works.

And as L.A.’s rail system expands, so will WalknRideLA. Coming late in 2011 is the Exposition Park/USC tour (now a Side Trip); Culver City and Santa Monica will be added as rail reaches those destinations, too.

One more thing: We’re not associated with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce or any for-profit tour company operation. We’re just here to help you find a new way to explore LA!

Have fun!