Our Tours:

….here’s how they’re arranged.


WalknRideLA tours focus on the city’s history and architecture – and the personalities that shaped L.A. into one of the most interesting, entertaining and influential urban areas on earth.

Maybe “everybody needs a car in L.A.” but you won’t need one to travel these tours. They’re self-guided walking tours and where there’s long distances to cover, we use rails (and sometimes shuttle buses) – but not your car – to get you there and back.

It’s a big city and WalknRideLA doesn’t pretend to cover it all. But what we cover, we cover well. These are serious tours; we avoid fluff and shallow commentary and instead, work hard to present the facts in a fresh and readable format.

There are two main Tour divisions:

  1. Downtown Discovery. These 7 tours begin and end at each of the seven downtown Los Angeles Metrorail stations: Union Station, Civic Center, Pershing Square, 7th Street/Metro Center, Pico, Chinatown and Little Tokyo/Arts District.
  2. Roaming the Region. These 4 tours are a bit more far-flung and they’re either themed or focused on a specific boulevard and neighborhood. We’ll be expanding the tours but for now Art Deco, Hollywood Boulevard, Pasadena and Long Beach (under construction) are the subjects.




Tour lengths vary. Some are just two hours – others four hours or more, depending on the territory visited, your touring speed and whether you stop for food and drink along the way – which, by the way, we hope you’ll do. Estimated tour time is listed for each itinerary.

Most tours offer “Side Trips” – optional add-ons that we put out there if you have the time or interest to extend your tour a bit.

One tour, Pershing Square, offers so much to see that we’ve divided it into Part 1 and Part 2. Do them both the same day (lunch in between?) or split them up into two visits.

History can bore some to the bone, yet others find it riveting and want more. The same goes for architecture. So although we know we’re walking the fence between “fun” and “informative” we think the tours should include both. Either way, no worry – if  something doesn’t interest you, skip it and keep walking. That’s the beauty of a self-guided tour: you make it your tour.

Each WalknRideLA tour is a stand-alone itinerary with a good mix of history and architecture, old and new, trends and trivia. There’s hardly any overlapping of tours so whenever you step off that train you know the tour’s going to be fresh and different.

So get out there and walk and ride Los Angeles on WalknRideLA.