Downtown Discovery Tours

         … Walking Tours of Downtown Los Angeles

Despite what you may have heard or read, Los Angeles does have a downtown, and it’s one well worth exploring. True – as downtowns go (particularly for a city of 4 million) – L.A.’s isn’t all that big: about 2 miles north to south, and about a mile wide. 

But that’s good news for visitors; it only makes it easier on your time and your feet. Also making it easier is that downtown L.A.’s streets are arranged in a simple-to-follow grid system. To that we’ll add that it’s spread over a relatively flat terrain – and it hardly ever rains. That downtown is well-served by subways and light-rail stations is just frosting on the cake.

There are seven Metrorail stations serving downtown Los Angeles. From north to south they are:

  1. Chinatown
  2. Union Station
  3. Civic Center
  4. Little Tokyo
  5. Pershing Square
  6. 7th Street/Metro Center
  7. Pico/L.A. Live


Each downtown station marks the beginning and ending point of a WalknRideLA tour. This makes them easy to find, especially if you’re traveling to your tour by train  (sort of the whole idea of these tours). It also makes it easy to combine one tour with another.  For example, do the Union Station tour in the morning, have lunch, and then hop on the train and wrap up the day with the Pico/L.A. Live tour, followed by dinner and a movie! 

Each tour lists the things you’ll see and the average time it takes to see them. You do the math and decide how much time you want to spend.

Have fun with it!