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Transportation: Each of these transportation services offers schedule, fare and trip planning information.



Metro: Los Angeles’ local and regional rail (subways and light-rail) and bus transit system.  

Metrolink: Local and regional passenger commuter rail system.

Amtrak: The nation’s regional and long-distance passenger rail network.

DASH (Downtown Area Short Hop): The city’s “short hop” mini-bus service.




Walking Tour Companies: These organizations offer great walkng tours of downtown Los Angeles and the LA region.




Los Angeles Conservancy: A nonprofit membership organization that promotes the recognition, preservation and revitalization of Los Angeles County historic architecture.

Angels Walk: Much like WalknRideLA, Angels Walk offers self-guided “walking trails” and encourages pedestrians to use available transit.



Public Art in Los Angeles: These sites offer more information about specific works of public art throughout downtown Los Angeles.



Public Art in LA: Provides in-depth information on public art works including artist, title, medium and history

MTA station art : Metro’s Art Department provides photos, slide shows and in-depth information on station art throughout their system.



Glossaries of Architectural and Rail Terms: These sites can help you navigate the few technical terms and definitions (we’ve tried to keep them to a minimum!) thrown around on these pages.


. An alphabetical appendix of architectural terms complete with explanatory drawings and photos.

Wikipedia – Passenger Rail Terminology: This Widipedia site, though not a glossary, offers a fairly complete listing of rail transit terms.

MTA Transit History: What was a “Yellow Car?” “What was a Red Car?” It’s all here, from horse drawn to electric trolleys, Red and Yellow Cars, and today’s MTA.



Contributors to WalknRideLA: These sites contributed – and continue to contribute – to WalknRideLA’s rich content. 



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