Ride to Long Beach!

[This tour is under construction. Please check back soon!]


What You’ll See:

  • Queen Mary & Scorpion Submarine
  • Shoreline Park
  • Historic downtown buildings
  • Pine Avenue restaurants & bars
  • Long Beach Harbor and Pacific Ocean
  • Route of the Long Beach Grand Prix

Tour Starts: Transit Mall station – downtown Long Beach
Tour Ends: Transit Mall station – downtown Long Beach
Estimated Time: 2-3 hours

What makes this tour important? 

Tour Essentials:


Tour Starts: Transit Mall station – downtown Long Beach. The station marks the southern terminus of Metro’s Blue Line from downtown Los Angeles.

Tour Ends: Transit Mall station.

How to Get There:

If you’re coming from any distance, there are 3 options:


  • By Rail: Take Metrorail! The tour starts at the Long Beach Transit Mall station on MTA’s Blue Line. Shoreline Park, the Aquarium of the Pacific, shuttles to the Queen Mary and the shops and restaurants of downtown Long Beach are all within a few steps of the station platform. See http://www.metro.net/ for rail transit maps, fares, trip planner and station locations nearest to you. Metrolink and Amtrak trains provide easy connections to Metrorail via downtown’s Union Station. From there, you can make easy connections to the Red/Purple Line that bring you to the 7th Street/Metro station. Connect to the Blue Line and you’re ready to Ride to Long Beach!
  • By Bus: See http://www.metro.net/ for bus transit maps, fares, trip planner and stops nearest you. Bus stops are directly in front of the Metrorail station.
  • By Car: For this tour, parking is plentiful but can be  inconvenient, expensive, or both. Street parking can be tough to find in downtown Long Beach; most areas restrict parking to one or two hours and rates vary from 50¢ to $1.00 an hour. Parking garages are reasonably priced, especially with restaurant validation. Free parking is an option in out-lying areas.

Optional Side Trips:

  • Queen Mary: 45 minutes. Free shuttle from downtown Long Beach via The Passport or $2.00 roundtrip from downtown Long Beach via AquaBus (Memorial Day through Labor Day).
  • Watts Towers: 1 hour (via Metro Blue Line on route stop over)

How much Walking? Figure about 2 miles (excluding optional Side Trips) – all of it over flat terrain.

Tour Cost: Nothing. You will, of course, pay extra for entrance to museums. The around-town shuttles on The Passport are free.

When to Go: Any time of the year and any day of the year. But you may choose to avoid the crush during the 3-day Toyota Grand Prix event. Click here for event dates.

Where to Eat: Click here for ideas and suggestions.

You Can Combine This Tour With:  No other tour. When factoring in time for lunch or snacking, WalknRideLA‘s “Ride to Long Beach!” (and maybe a Side Trip, too) can easily fill your day.

Some Background: