Chinatown Side Trip

Side Trip - China Town

Chinatown Side Trip! (Weekdays only)

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WalknRideLA offers a tour of Chinatown from – where else? – the Chinatown station. But if you don’t have the time or inclination for a walking tour but still want to sample what you’d be missing, do this: ride through Chinatown by bus. It’ll take no more than 25 minutes and the tour loops right back to Union Station. The cost is 50¢ (25¢ for 65+) per boarding. If you came to town on Metrolink (the commuter rail system) your DASH ride is free. Click here for a route map.

–> Look for the “DASH Downtown Route “B” bus stop on Alameda Street next to the vehicular entrance to Union Station. It’s next to the Alameda crosswalk.

–> Board the bus and ride to Chinatown!

Buses run about every 8 minutes from about 6:00 am to 6:30 pm.

You’ll travel up Alameda and turn left onto Ord Street (Philippe’s is on the right) and then right onto Broadway – Chinatown’s “Main Street.” As you make that turn onto Broadway, be sure to look left for the Chinatown Gateway monument that spans the street.

From there the route wraps through the neighborhood, passing shops, bakeries, banks and restaurants. You’ll be tempted to get off so go ahead and follow your eyes and nose. It’s only 50¢ to reboard (25¢ for seniors 65+) at any of the dozen or so stops along the way. The route loops through Chinatown and includes stops at the Metrorail Chinatown station. A highlight is the New Chinatown Central Plaza – the heart of the neighborhood.

The route returns back to Union Station, stopping on Alameda Street just across from the now-familiar station.

–> Resume your Union Station tour. You’ll be on the west side of Alameda, directly across from Union Station.

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