Hollywood High School

Side Trip: Hollywood High School

Hollywood High School was where the stars studied, or like Lana, played hooky from. Carol Burnett, Linda Evans, James Garner, John Ritter and Fay Wray all attended school here, just a 5-minute walk down Highland Avenue to Sunset Boulevard. This Side Trip should take about 25 minutes of your […]

Hollywood Forever

Side Trip: Hollywood Forever

Paris has its Pere Lachaise, Buenos Aires its La Recoleta and Washington, D. C. its Arlington National. In Los Angeles, it’s the Hollywood Forever Memorial Park.

No cemetery in the world can claim a list of celebrities, song writers, directors and dignitaries quite like this one. From Don Adams (Agent Maxwell […]

Sunset & Vine

Side Trip: Sunset & Vine:

Like the words “Hollywood & Vine,” “Sunset & Vine” carries a certain mystique. Whether real or imagined is yours to decide. Regardless, there’s plenty of history at and around this corner: more Hollywood Walk of Fame stars, a certain derby restaurant, the filming location of Hollywood’s first major movie, the […]