Exposition Park/USC Side Trip

The Side Trip:

What you’ll see:

Exposition Park (sports venues, museums, gardens) USC Campus Historic homes, churches & buildings

How do you get there and back? You take the DASH “F” bus. It operates daily (except major holidays); every 10 minutes during the week, […]

Eastern Columbia & Broadway Side Trip

View 7th Street/Metro Center – Eastern Columbia Bldg. Side Trip in a larger map

Side Trip! See downtown’s Art Deco masterpiece – the Eastern Columbia Building!

This Side Trip covers seven blocks and maybe 30 minutes of your time. But if you’re into Art Deco, do it. Remember, we lost the Art Deco Richfield […]

Bonaventure Adventure Side Trip

View 7th Street/Metro Center – Bonaventure Adventure in a larger map

Side Trip to Bonaventure adventure! Explore the Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Bunker Hill.

If you pay attention, this journey will add about 30 minutes to your tour. If you don’t, and you get lost in the hotel, not to worry, you’ve got […]

Ft. Moore Pioneer Monument Side Trip

View Civic Center – Ft. Moore Pioneer Monument Side Trip in a larger map

Side Trip! See L.A.’s best-known forgotten memorial!

It’s the Ft. Moore Pioneer Monument and it’s actually pretty cool. You’ll only need 10 minutes extra to see it and you’ll have major bragging rights: hardly anyone […]

City Hall Observation Deck Side Trip

Side Trip! This is it – the best view of downtown L.A.!

You’ll see almost the entire city spread out below you and it’ll take just about 30 minutes. It’s open weekdays only, from 8:00 am 0 5:00 pm. Admission is free.

OK, so it’s […]

Chinatown Side Trip

Chinatown Side Trip! (Weekdays only)

View Union Station – Chinatown Side Trip in a larger map

WalknRideLA offers a tour of Chinatown from – where else? – the Chinatown station. But if you don’t have the time or inclination for a walking tour but still want to sample what you’d be missing, […]

MTA Library Side Trip

Side Trip!

If you’re really interested in transportation, particularly its role in Los Angeles through the years, consider taking a look at the Metro Library (our abbreviation). Allow 20 minutes or more, depending on your interests. The views alone can make the trip worthwhile.

The MTA […]

Los Angeles River Side Trip

View Union Station – Los Angeles River Side Trip in a larger map

See the scenic Los Angeles River! Marvel at its beauty, its power, its unmatched splendor! But wait – there’s more! See the world’s largest jail! See the building with the world’s largest helipad! And as a bonus, you’ll be treated to […]

Paramount Theatre Side Trip

[googlemaps http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=203721634174676856636.00049fcede0ff428bafbe&ll=34.05113,-118.251793&spn=0.006205,0.012338&z=16&output=embed”>] View Pershing Square – Main Tour in a larger map

View Pershing Square – Paramount Theatre Side Trip in a larger map

Paramount Theatre Side Trip!

Take five minutes and you’ll see a “reminder” of the old Paramount Theatre!

–> Cross Broadway and turn left. Walk a half-block up the […]

Main Street Side Trip

Main Street Side Trip! View Pershing Square – Main Street Side Trip in a larger map

Include this Side Trip after Stop 17 in the Pershing Square Tour.

–> Cross Spring Street to the Herman Hellman Buildng.

A) Herman Hellman Building. This Beaux Arts building features a classic […]