Chinatown Side Trip

Chinatown Side Trip! (Weekdays only)

View Union Station – Chinatown Side Trip in a larger map

WalknRideLA offers a tour of Chinatown from – where else? – the Chinatown station. But if you don’t have the time or inclination for a walking tour but still want to sample what you’d be missing, […]

MTA Library Side Trip

Side Trip!

If you’re really interested in transportation, particularly its role in Los Angeles through the years, consider taking a look at the Metro Library (our abbreviation). Allow 20 minutes or more, depending on your interests. The views alone can make the trip worthwhile.

The MTA […]

Los Angeles River Side Trip

View Union Station – Los Angeles River Side Trip in a larger map

See the scenic Los Angeles River! Marvel at its beauty, its power, its unmatched splendor! But wait – there’s more! See the world’s largest jail! See the building with the world’s largest helipad! And as a bonus, you’ll be treated to […]